About us

Located in Laporte, Indiana, John Roebuck Solutions is a small company dedicated to the proper disposal of obsolete electronic equipment

The idea of free and easy electronics recycling grew from the owner's need to get rid of some old computer monitors after they were replaced with new flatscreens. It was too much hassle to try to get the trash man to take them and after finding out about the hazardous materials they contained we didn't want them in a landfill anyway.

To us it's also outrageous that consumers are charged fees for trying to recycle items that can be given new life. We believe that recycling should be cost effective and consumers will be more environmentally conscious if providers like us work to fit recycling into their lifestyle, rather than force people to do extra work just to feel 'green'.

Thank you for visiting our site and for giving us the opportunity to help you with your recycling needs.

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